Vibrator has a large amplitude, high frequency, light weight, reasonable structure, safe operation, maintenance and ease of use. Without power, humidity and other conditions, in particular the need proof of the place has an electric vibrator High quality gasoline portable concrete vibrator irreplaceable safety and reliability. Widely applicable to the construction of the compressed air supply in construction projects for a variety of dry hard and plastic concrete tamping jobs in the coal mine and coal mine methane and coal dust containing "set side" cement tamping works particularly applicable, absolutely safe and reliable. As with mobile air compressor, using a wider range.

Vibrator use and features:

1, the vibrator is widely used in the construction of coal mines have a compressed air supply well construction, municipal engineering, construction, tunnels, culverts and other outdoor projects, various dry concrete products and concrete reinforced plastic cast member vibration tamping engineering particularly applicable, absolutely safe and reliable. 2, the vibrator has a compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, amplitude, high frequency, which can be adjusted (according to site requirements, with the inlet air pressure adjustment frequency) and so on. 3, flexible shaft drive, reasonable structure, the coupling installation, operation, maintenance, easy to use, without power, humidity and other conditions, it is particularly suitable for specific mining conditions. 4, supporting the vibrator rubber hose for concrete vibrator concrete poker vibration poker the 65Mn steel pipe, the head is made of steel 4OCr, the head and hose connections with alloy retaining spring or bold, more durable than ordinary vibrator.

Vibrator parameters:

Model: FRZ-50 Diameter: 50 mm Overall length: 6000 mm (not including power section) Power: vane motor Rated speed: 3000 r / min Use air pressure: 0.4-0.5 MPa Load air consumption: 1.5 m 3 / Min Exhaust-section: 32 × Φ5 (mm) Hole inlet fitting diameter: 25 mm Vibration frequency (in air): 3,000 times / min The lower part of the amplitude (in air):> 12 mm Total weight (with Vibrator): 27.5 kg Vibration club head diameter: 32,38,50,70mm choose Vibrator hose shaft length: 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M of equal length for selection (coal used to build wells vibrator 6 meters long, the head diameter 50mm, other sizes made to order)